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50 Expert Networking Tips You Should Start Using in School

50 Expert Networking Tips You Should Start Using in School

Get started networking with these simple tips and ideas.


  1. Recognize that you need networking

  2. Be yourself

  3. Smile

  4. Get out of your dorm room

  5. Talk

  6. Participate on campus

Breaking the Ice

  1. Possess industry knowledge

  2. Visit professors during office hours

  3. Share what you love

  4. Don’t get drunk

  5. Always introduce yourself

  6. Don’t be boring

  7. Shake your fear of rejection

  8. Join an alumni group

  9. Connect online first

  10. Join groups of “open two” and “open three”

  11. Be complimentary

  12. Greet people at the door

  13. Be confident

  14. Improve your look

  15. Listen more than you talk

  16. Arrive early

  17. Grab two drinks

Getting Connected

  1. Connect with firms and companies before you graduate

  2. Design a business card

  3. Ask for introductions

  4. Talk to your classmates

  5. Meet as many people as you can

  6. Start small

  7. Find passionate people

  8. Volunteer


  1. Edit your social media profiles

  2. Register your name URL

  3. Never underestimate LinkedIn

  4. Use Facebook for professional networking

  5. Manage your contacts

  6. Stay up to date

Finding Time

  1. Call contacts in traffic

  2. Aim to know the right people

  3. Go to large gatherings

  4. Don’t let social media take over

  5. Do just a little bit at a time

Nurturing relationships

  1. Make people feel important

  2. Stay in touch

  3. Ask lots of questions

  4. Be a conversation starter

  5. Don’t be spammy

  6. Make other people successful

  7. Understand reciprocity

  8. Use the 10 Second Rule




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