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Personal Learning Networks

A lot of people are calling the ability to learn on your own a PLN or personal learning network.  It can’t be doubted that we can’t learn all the things we need to know in this constantly changing world by having employer directed courses and seminars.  That’s one component but it won’t protect you or prepare you for your next position.  This post offers good advice:

50 Great Ways to Grow Your Personal Learning Network

“Personal learning networks have always existed, but modern technology has put a new spin on how and where we connect with others. These days, personal learning networks, or PLNs, extend far beyond friends, family, coworkers, college classmates, and teachers, and can encompass experts and learners from around the world in just about any given

The Basics

These basics will help you get started with creating and building your PLN.

  1. Seek out experts on the web.
  2. Learn more about PLNs.
  3. Don’t use your PLN to market yourself.
  4. Follow online etiquette.
  5. Filter.
  6. Look a at your own PLN history.
  7. Don’t just consume, contribute.
  8. Be yourself!

Useful Tools

  1. Employ a social bookmarking site.
  2. Set up a Google Reader (or other RSS) account.
  3. Don’t forget about video sites like YouTube.
  4. Check out aggregator sites like
  5. Subscribe to some quality podcasts.
  6. Try Google Docs for collaborative projects.
  7. Give Skype a try to connect with others in your PLN.
  8. Set up alerts.


  1. Start using Twitter to follow those in your field.
  2. Look for chats on Twitter.
  3. Practice reciprocity.
  4. Tag people in links you think they’ll like.
  5. Use smart ways to find people to follow.


  1. Start following blogs you find interesting.
  2. Create your own blog.
  3. Support others.
  4. Share your expertise.
  5. Use blogrolls as resources.
  6. Don’t be afraid to contact bloggers.
  7. Save interesting content for later.
  8. Interact with sources both big and small.
  9. Search and monitor the blogosphere.

Social Networks

  1. Join a professional social network.
  2. Create circles of interests on Facebook or Google+.
  3. Connect to your network with LinkedIn.
  4. Contribute and read through Wiki sites.
  5. Find a great online community.
  6. Share links of interest.
  7. Create a professional online presence.
  8. Use social networks to connect not only with people, but also with organizations and


  1. Start conversations.
  2. Keep in touch with those you meet at conferences and other events.
  3. Participate in webinars.
  4. Follow conferences and events you can’t attend online.
  5. Ask for help.
  6. Spend time developing relationships.
  7. Don’t let language be a barrier.
  8. Reach out to those outside of your field.
  9. Ask others for advice on new blogs, feeds, or other resources.
  10. Challenge your worldview.
  11. Build trust.
  12. Take advantage of meetups


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