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CNN’s Top 10 Tech Trends for 2012

The Top 10 tech trends for 2012

By Pete Cashmore, Special to CNN

1. Touch computing

2. Social gestures

3. NFC and mobile payments

4. Beyond the iPad

5. TV Everywhere

6. Voice control

7. Spatial gestures

8. Second-screen experiences

9. Flexible screens

10. HTML5

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  1. My iPad2 is so sleek and pretty in comparison to my beast of a desk top, so I can certainly agree that tablets will lead the way to replacing some computers. As for TV being everywhere, I think that for some companies next year will be the time for them to put action into their promises of TV everywhere. It seems that this year there were several apps from providers like Time Warner and Comcast that only showed a limited number of channels LIVE on mobile devices, and their customers were confined to staying home. DISH on the other hand, began providing their subscribers with the ability to watch their full channel lineup including their DVR recordings on mobile devices over a year ago. Being that I work for them and subscribe to DISH, I know that with the DISH Remote Access app I have turned my mobile devices into mini-TV’s everywhere I have access to Wi-Fi or mobile 3G network. I am interested to see which TV companies can catch up in 2012 to the advance technology and abilities that DISH has already harnessed.