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87% Of Connected Consumers Prefer Websites & Mobile Sites Over Apps

My gut – without too much research – is telling me that we’re entering a phase of hybrid solutions that will last a few years, maybe more.  I think that’s why apps and HTML5 are going to be equally inmportant as solutions shake out.  So libraries will need to support both camps and too many devices and browsers and operating systems to count.  Unfortunatelky for libraries, vendors, educators/learners, and publishers we’ll need to support apps economies and usabilty for mobile and websites.  This won’t be easy, simple or without risk.  It will be fun, exciting and innovation rich.

W00t!  Check out this link:

87% Of Connected Consumers Prefer Websites & Mobile Sites Over Apps


“Welcome to the connected consumer. This person most likely has a tablet and smartphone, and is constantly connected to their friends via Facebook. Today, more than 60% of 25-34 year-olds (Gen-Y) own a smartphone. One in three online consumers will buy a tablet by 2014. That’s a lot to digest at once, right? A new survey from Zmagsinvestigates the connected consumer and their digital habits.

Only 4% of these consumers use branded apps. Eighty-seven percent prefer to use websites and mobile sites. This is good news for the so-called tablet commerce revolution (can a consumer movement be rightly called a “revolution”? I shudder), which suggests that tablet owners are using tablet-optimized websites like But this connected consumer is not a Gen-Y. She is…wait for it…a 40-something-year-old woman.

Sounds like our traditional library user . . .




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