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The 50 Best Blogs for Future Leaders

Here’s a useful list for surfing some weekend and adding to your RSS feeds.

The 50 Best Blogs for Future Leaders

Current Events

Because no leader — political, social, business or other field — can sustainably operate in a vacuum. Current events impact so many sectors, it’s integral to stay on top of them and react accordingly.

  1. Global Spin: Time magazine’s geopolitics blog keeps readers updated on worldwide movements, trends and changes that might influence international commerce and/or relations.
  2. The Lede: Presented by The New York Times, The Lede covers national and international news with supplementary materials culled from citizen journalists, the internet and other resources for a broader glimpse at current events.
  3. This Just In: Follow CNN’s official breaking news blog for the latest stories and commentary pertaining to a bevy of different subjects.
  4. CNN iReport: Citizen journalists cover a wide range of stories and perspectives, offering a peoples’-eye-view of everything unfolding.
  5. Happening Now Blog: Fox News fans have a current events blog of their very own, though it focuses mainly on American happenings.
  6. The Two-Way: Eyder Peralta and Mark Memmott with NPR share stories big and small, pertaining to multiple “heavy” and “light” topics.
  7. Analysis & Opinion: In case the title didn’t give it all away, Analysis & Opinion is Reuters’ analyzing and providing opinions about the latest news stories. Imagine that!
  8. The Blog: Stop here to view every single blog post on every single qualifying Huffington Post offering, with news and perspectives on almost any subject imaginable.
  9. World Blog: MSNBC and NBC correspondents bring readers the most recent updates regarding global cultures, politics, economics and more.
  10. News Blog: Tune in to The Guardian‘s international news coverage blog for … um … international news coverage!

Human Rights, Social Justice and Ethics

Just because a disconcerting number of leaders exploit their power for selfish ends doesn’t make it right. Get inspired to do the right thing, set an example and maybe even make the world a healthier, happier place.

  1. Human Rights Now: The official blog of Amnesty International illustrates social, economic and political injustices perpetuated worldwide.
  2. The Business Ethics Blog: Business leaders will benefit greatly from this resource, which covers the hows, whats and whys behind maintaining a just company.
  3. +Blog: Seeing as how The Red Cross responds to natural and manmade disasters alike, following the organization’s blog provides a nice study in aid, relief and addressing and preventing large-scale human rights violations.
  4. Global Issues: Aspirant social, political and economic leaders would do well to bookmark Global Issues and follow current events pertaining to human rights.
  5. PEA Soup: This intelligent, informed resource provides leaders and followers of all stripes a philosophical analysis of all things ethics.
  6. Field Notes: Any leadership types wanting to work with children and charities — maybe even nurture possible successors — might find UNICEF’s blog inspiring and informative.
  7. Practical Ethics: University of Oxford professors, fellows, and students analyze the ethical issues present in today’s current events.
  8. World Bridge Blog: Presented by Refugees International, World Bridge Blog sheds light on the plight of displaced peoples worldwide.
  9. Ethics Education and Psychology: Follow efforts to promote ethics education worldwide, as well as comments on relevant local (Pennsylvania) issues and more.
  10. Labor is Not a Commodity: Business, social and political leaders should consult this resource when learning more about unsafe working conditions and wages, child labor and other worker’s and human rights injustices.


It should probably be pretty obvious why individuals in leadership positions should check out leadership blogs.

  1. How to Change the World: Guy Kawasaki owns and maintains one of the Internet’s top blogs on management, marketing and innovation, skills undoubtedly considered attractive in business leaders.
  2. Seth’s Blog: Get candid advice on effective business leadership strategies courtesy of an immensely popular writer and marketer.
  3. LeaderTalk: Although Education Week‘s LeaderTalk doesn’t update as often as some of the resources listed here, it offers up a great way for education leaders to share their own experiences and insights.
  4. Great Leadership: Stop by this blog for leadership and leadership development advice from Whittemore School of Business and Economics’ Dan McCarthy.
  5. Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog: Consult Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog for some seriously cool tips about sharpening leadership skills, particularly the business-oriented ones.
  6. Leading Blog: LeadershipNow’s official blog covers a nice, broad range of relevant advice suitable for different styles and situations.
  7. Learn to Duck: All leaders, no matter their field, must learn how to weather failures — and discover the inherent lessons that might very well propel them towards success.
  8. Linked 2 Leadership: Bookmark this incredibly useful blog for information on developing personally, professionally and leadership skills, of course!
  9. Three Star Leadership Blog: Wally Bock dishes out leadership advice for business and life alike, though some tips can apply to other situations as well.
  10. Lead Change Group: The minds behind Lead Change Group hope to “instiga[te] a leadership revolution” and keep perpetuating cycles of effective managers.

Psychology and Sociology

Studying psychology and sociology helps leaders better understand how people work individually and in groups: essential skills for keeping them properly engaged, appreciated and efficient.

  1. Psychology Today Blogs: All the blogs presented by Psychology Today magazine cover almost every facet of the human mind, and offer excellent insight into the complex human mind.
  2. Everyday Sociology Blog: W.W. Norton & Company presents an accessible sociology read perfect for beginning leaders struggling to understand group and societal dynamics.
  3. Psych Central Blogs: No matter the psychology topic, it inevitably gets covered over at one of Psych Central’s myriad illuminating blogs.
  4. Sociological Images: Explore how everyday imagery and perception shape attitudes and ideas — both for good and for ill — through sterling critiques.
  5. PsyBlog: PsyBlog features general articles relating to the psychology behind everyday phenomena, making it an ideal read for leaders unfamiliar with the social science.
  6. The Global Sociology Blog: A sociologist and human rights activist explores current events, trends, movements, ideologies and plenty more insightful musings.
  7. Laura’s Psychology Blog: Psychology textbook author Laura Freberg covers the basics and comments on the latest relevant findings and opinions.
  8. Understanding Society: Understanding Society philosophizes about the complex inner workings of human social interactions and attitudes in a manner many leaders might find absolutely fascinating.
  9. The Media Psychology Blog: As one can probably glean from the title, this amazing resource analyzes the undeniable influence mass communication and technology holds over the psyche.
  10. Graphic Sociology: Fantastic visuals, charts and graphs bring sociological concepts and findings to vivid (not to mention incredibly educational!) light.

Time Management and Productivity

Leaders should take breaks to prevent burnout, and learning how to effectively organize their time and affairs makes planning them a while lot easier.

  1. LifeDev: Innovative types seeking a little bit of inspiration and information regarding ideal time management and productivity habits.
  2. Get Everything Done: Mark Forster presents excellent insight about efficiency and organization without compromising on hammering out quality results.
  3. ceo blog — time leadership: One doesn’t have to be a business executive or manager to benefit from what this blog has to say, though it does admittedly help.
  4. Asian Efficiency Blog: Along with productivity and time management tips, the two men behind Asian Efficiency Blog also provide a free podcast for learning on the go.
  5. Lifehacker: Multiple demographics flock to this exceptionally popular resource, which offers up some of the Internet’s absolute best productivity and efficiency postings — along with a few other cool surprises as well.
  6. Natalie M. Houston: Get fantastic time management and organizing tips from a successful life coach (and English professor!) who focuses mostly on assisting individuals in creative positions.
  7. Mindful Time Management: Despite the sluggish update pace (HA!), Mindful Time Management does dish out some valuable advice about getting the most out of every second.
  8. SimpleProductivityBlog: No matter the organization, time management or productivity issue, this blog probably offers up an easy, straightforward solution.
  9. zenhabits: Presented by Leo Babauta, the wildly lauded zenhabits encourages mindful, balanced living, goal-setting and accomplishment with minimal stress.
  10. The Productivity Pro Blog: Anyone willing to pickaxe his and/or her way through Laura Stack’s eye-rollingly slick self-help supercheese will find a nugget or two of worthwhile tips and tricks.

I read quite a few of these and will check out some of the others.




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