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Some Survey Ideas

Are you looking for  some surveys or polls to ask your users on your website or in your branches?

Here’s some humble ideas:

(A) Two questions in one: what was the last book you finished, and how  did you get it? Bookstore? Library? Kindle Store? Gift? Theft?   Would you recommend it? (OK, three questions.)

(B) Will you or do you think you will you ever buy or borrow mostly E-Books?   Follow the link for one poll’s results orsee this:

“The percentage of people who said you’d have to pry paper books out of their cold dead hands:
2007: 49%

2008: 45%

2009: 37%

2010: 30%

2011: 25%

The percentage of people who welcome their coming e-book overlords:
2007: 7% (!)

2008: 11%

2009: 19%

2010: 32%

2011: 47%

I believe that’s what’s called a trend. ”

(C) What is the Most You Are Willing to Pay for an eBook? Why?

Check out Bobbi’s sample poll:

(D) Did you check out the Random House survey of libraries and their e-books?  It’s here:

Survey Says: Take a moment to fill out our eBooks Survey




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