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Advice: Getting on the Infographic Bandwagon

I’ve posted advice on infographics before and here are the links as well as a new one:

Avoid Ordinary Infographics with These 7 Steps

1. Ideation: Generate, refine and select a fantastic concept.

2. Research: Locate compelling, authoritative and usable information to work with.

3. Pictoral Metaphor: Create the unexpected “a-ha moment” that helps the reader learn more quickly.

4. Narrative: Weave connections between research that strengthens the message of the content.

5. Hook Creation: Incorporate information that draws on current news and is topically relevant to your content or create a timeless resource.

6. Progressive and Current Design: Use attributes of popular design that will make your infographic get noticed and easier to read.

7. Proper Attribution and Linking: Get the credit you deserve for allowing others to post your infographic.




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