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Pinterest for Libraries

I don’t write about Pinterest enough so here’s a wonderful list of opportunities for libraries with pinning and Pinterest:

Pinterest for Libraries

via LISNews: by birdie on 28/03/12

“‘The only way you’ve not heard about Pinterest yet is if you have been totally living under a rock. Allow me to enlighten you. Pinterest is a social photo sharing website, styled like a pin-board, that lets you create and manage theme based photo collection. Not only has it become a rage with home users, it is also being used by businesses and non profits to gather visibility and let people know about them.

Interestingly, libraries too are jumping on to the Pinterest band wagon as well, to encourage visitors to use their services as well to facilitate the library experience of existing users. Here are 20 creative ways libraries around the world are using this new social platform to communicate with the common reader; twenty categories are suggested.

1. Pinning book covers

2. Reading lists

3. Attracting children and teenagers

4. Displaying archives

5. Letting people know about new acquisitions

6. Helping out in research

7. Showing off your library

8. Sharing infographics related to learning

9. Promoting library activities

10. Sharing digital collection

11. Managing reading programs

12. Sharing ideas with parents

13. Bringing focus on library staff

14. Getting new ideas for library displays

15. Collecting ideas for programs

16. Drawing attention to the local community

17. Sharing craft projects

18. Connecting to other libraries

19. Encouraging book clubs

20. Interacting with patrons

A library cannot be successful unless it has a mutually interactive relationship with its patrons. Pinterest helps libraries achieve that, by giving publicity to books, reading challenges, contest, and fun events where they can participate online.

Does your library have pinterest boards?”





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  1. You Bet!
    Thanks for writing about this!

  2. Our library is pinning and having a lot of fun with this new way of interacting with our community. Boards include “What Adult Services/Youth Services Is Reading Now,” local history and garden photos, crafts and literacy projects for kids, “Random Acts of Library” (basically, cool or weird stuff in our building and on the grounds), “Blatantly Bookish” with all the great book-related memes floating around out there.

  3. Felicity said

    Absolutely! Loved your post, I think pinterest and public libraries are such a natural fit, here’s what we are doing at Yarra Plenty Regional Library in Australia
    Bear with us though, it’s my little experiment at the moment and adding the entire dewey system is somewhat laborious when I’m on my own!

  4. CanadianLib said

    We were going to begin pinning, until we began thinking about copyright implications. Have you had any thoughts about this?

  5. The Arlington Public Library has a teen board:

    Thanks for all the tips!

  6. My understanding is that Pinterest gets around this by requiring a comment before any photos are posted. Their legal opinion is that this maskes it protected speech and fair comment. If you’re worried though you can always post your own photos from the library… IANALATILA (I am not a lawyer and this isn’t legal advice ;-))

  7. Not yet, but now that I hear Pinterest is that good maybe I’ll consider using it for myself and my business.
    Yeah, it is a great thing that libraries use Pinterest, makes it interesting, never knew about it!