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1/3 of Brits now own an eReader

1/3 of Brits now own an ereader

“That’s from an article in Techradar:

[1/3 of Brits now own an ebook reader,

But 38% aren’t interested in them at all

By Kate Solomon]

A new survey has revealed that a third of Brits now own an ebook reader, a stat that has risen by 21 per cent compared to 2011.

By comparison, reading printed books as an activity has fallen by 4 per cent according to the digital entertainment survey commissioned by Wiggin, although it still rides high as an activity engaged in by 43 per cent of the survey’s respondents.

Add to that the fact that 38 per cent of people still have no plans to start reading ebooks, and print might not be quite as dead in the water as people seem to think.”



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