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The Definitive Video On Why the Airplane Cellphone Ban Is Stupid

The Definitive Video On Why the Airplane Cellphone Ban Is Stupid

inFact: Cell Phones on Airplanes

There’s a new trend on some airlines where the flight attendant yells at you for only using airline mode to turn off your phone.  She grabs the phone from your hand and aggressively turns it fully off. It’s bad enugh that they institutionalize lying to 100% of their customers 100% of the time in their first announcements as soon as you enter their plane.  What other business does this?

Everyone has to take their shoes off for x-rays because someone put a bomb in a shoe once. Cel phones are ‘dangerous’ in flight so we’ll put that on the honour method!  It defies logic.

What really scares me as a frequent flyer is this latest underwear bomb discovery. How will security overreact now?!




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  1. Annoyed said

    Oh, and the shoe bomber….which US airport did he leave from? Wait, he was going to Boston, from London! And the underpants bomber? Which US airport was he leaving from? No, it was from Amsterdam to Detroit.

    TSA is a bunch of “security theater” and it is bad theater at that! My worst fear is slipping and falling without the traction of my shoes, or when I wear sandals, catching some foot disease. That is a bigger risk than anything they say they are looking for!