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Four Strategies for Staying Relevant

From the HBR Blog Network, an article addressing the key fear of librarianship – remaining relevant in an internet age:

Four Strategies for Staying Relevant

1. Gain parity.

2. Leapfrog the innovation.

3. Reposition

4. Stick to your knitting.

This is a good list to start a discussion.

Who or what is threatening the relevance of libraries or librarianship? (Google, Bing, NetFlix, strreaming media, Quora, …?)

What is our knitting? (circulation? Books? Reading? Answers? Improving the quality of questions? Learning? …)

How do we leapfrog and reposition?

It seems that we should be able to easily maintain relevance as an information profession in an information age….

Check out the article.



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