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Surprising Tips That Help Kids Learn to Read

Surprising Tips That Help Kids Learn to Read

““Print knowledge” is an awareness of the mechanics of the reading process, like the fact that English is read from left to right and that written words map on to spoken ones. Adults often take this knowledge for granted, but research demonstrates that children benefit when these aspects of print are explicitly pointed out. In a study published in the May-June issue of the journal Child Development, for example, Ohio State professor Shayne Piasta and her coauthors report that when preschool teachers drew students’ attention to print while reading to them, the children’s skills in reading, spelling and comprehension improved. These positive results were long-lasting, too, still showing up a full two years later.”

Full article:

Another tips are:

a. use the ReadSpeak function on Gale databases to have the article read aloud as the user reads along.

b. bump up the font on computer screens or use large print since this can help slow or reluctant readers to increase speed and comprehension.



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