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My 3D Printing Obsession

A couple more interesting posts about 3D printing:

You Can 3D Print Scale Versions of Famous Museum Statues For Your Home

“Usually museums are pretty guarded about their collections—selling merchandise pays the bills! New York’s Metropolitan Museum is defying this tradition by making plans available so that you can 3D print many great sculptures from its collection using a MakerBot.”

This Machine Will Print You An Edible Burrito [VIDEO]

“Internet, meet Burritob0t. The creation of Tisch School of the Arts student Marko Manriquez, the BurritoB0t is a machine that prints burritos.

Part of Manriquez’s master’s thesis, the system allows you to place your order via iPhone. Orders can be customized down to how much salsa you’d like on your meal. Customizations are done using slides that can be slid up if you want a ton of something such salsa, or slid down if you want less of an ingredient.”



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