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Discovering the Impact of Library Use and Student Performance

Discovering the Impact of Library Use and Student Performance

“Brian Cox and Margie Jantti at the University of Wollongong have a new article out in EDUCAUSE Review online discussing library impact and the student experience. Their 3 key takeaways are:

  • Without a valid, reliable way to collect data from various library and enterprise systems, it’s difficult to quantitatively assert how a library adds value.
  • The University of Wollongong Library developed the Library Cube, a tailored database and reporting function that joins library usage data with student data, including demographic and academic performance information.
  • Analysis of the resulting data reveals a strong correlation between students’ grades and use of information resources the library provides.”

See Educause article here:

Discovering the Impact of Library Use and Student Performance

Related Efforts:

  • “The JISC-funded Library Impact Data Project “aims to prove a statistically significant correlation between library usage and student attainment.” The project uses activity data from three separate systems and matches them against student records held in a fourth system. “By identifying subject areas or courses which exhibit low usage of library resources, service improvements can be targeted. Those subject areas or courses which exhibit high usage of library resources can be used as models of good practice.”
  • The University of Minnesota Library Data and Student Success project aims “to show, using university metrics of success, what library use does for student success at the U of M. In addition, analyzing the connections between library use and academic success will provide evidence-based data that can inform service improvements and efficiencies, the development of new services, and the allocation of resources for necessary impact.”
  • The Association of College and Research Libraries Value of Academic Libraries Initiative is “a multiyear project designed to assist academic librarians in demonstrating library value.”



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