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Highlights From “Library Photocopy Services Benchmarks” Report

Highlights From “Library Photocopy Services Benchmarks” Report

Via at LJ InfoDocket

This special report looks closely at how libraries acquire, deploy and maintain their photocopiers. It reports on how much libraries spend to acquire photocopiers, how much they spend on supplies and maintenance contracts, which suppliers they choose, and what their future plans are for photocopiers in the library.  The study gives detailed data on library revenues from photocopiers, and the range of photocopy and related services offered.

Selected Findings

– 22.22% of libraries in the sample provide patrons with printing from personal smartphones, tablet computers and/or other mobile devices.

– A typical public library in the sample produced a mean of 62,922 total photocopied pages in the past year.

– Photocopier services provided mean revenues of $7,815 in the past year for the academic libraries in the sample.

– Libraries in the sample have a mean of 3.24 individual sites or centers that offer one or more photocopiers for public and/or private use.

– Libraries in the United States charge a mean of $0.09 per page for black and white copies, while those in other countries charge a mean of $0.51.

– 31.58% of the libraries sampled in the United States offer photocopy machines that operate through a pre-paid card.

– 24.14% of survey participants consider it highly likely that their library will award their next photocopy maintenance agreement to the same company that performs this work now.

Also Available: 4 Page Excerpt from Report (4 pages; .doc) and Table of Contents/List of Participants (4 pages; .doc)

Photocopiers have definitely increased in sophistication and usability with many features like network printing, colour, fax, binding, stat packages, and more.



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