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LJ 2013 Movers and Shakers Nominations Open

Here’s a plea from Josh Hadro at Library Journal:

“Hi there folks, a simple request from your friendly neighborhood LJ editor here: help us get the word out about nominations for 2013 class of Movers & Shakers. If you have any outstanding peers and colleagues in mind, go ahead and submit early and often here: Likewise, if you have any opportunity to spread the word about nominations to your colleagues via Twitter, Facebook, email lists, in-person nudges, etc., that would also be a tremendous help to us in getting a stellar batch of Movers set for the March 15 issue. Nominations are due November 7. Any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected], and as always, thanks a million for your help!

Nomination Guidelines:

There’s always a little controversy every year but if you don’t nominate someone deserving then you have yourself to blame.  It’s similar to not voting in an election and not liking the result. (hint, hint, vote)




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