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Conferences and Meetings for Shy People

I recently participated in a discussion with some LIS students who more often than I’d prefer said they avoided library association chapter and conference meetings and events because they felt shy (often mistakenly referred to as introverted) and felt stressed or worried about interactions.  Besides being a ‘bad’ career move, it’s also limiting on most personal and developmental levels.  So here’s a couple of links and videos that might help.

Video Guide to Conference Awesomeness

Via Richard Byrne:
“Earlier this month I shared with you Sacha Chua’s great guide to conference awesomeness (her word choice). That guide is designed to help shy people connect with others and make the most out the conferences they attend. Well now she’s made a video explaining the things in her Shy Connector’s guide. The video is just under eight minutes in length. Even if you’re not a shy person, the guide and video offer tips that anyone can use to maximize their conference experiences.”
Anyone who has met me knows that I am pretty extroverted, but I still get hintjs from these videos.  Even I feels a little stressed and uncomfortable when entering new situations with many people or audiences I don’t know.  It tooks a lot of my early career to recognize that our profession is pretty nice and welcoming.

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