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Inspiring Reimagination of Bookmobiles

A group of Library Tech students at University of the Fraser Valley created this mini-documentary about a BC library system’s work for a school project.  This is the story about my pal, librarian Smitty Miller, at the Fraser Valley Regional Library System in BC.  It’s a 15-minute documentary about the development and philosophy of Library Live and On Tour, a community development project at Fraser Valley Regional Library, British Columbia, Canada.  It’s a very innovative and re-imagined version of the bookmobile.

Watch it.

15 minutes documentary.

Here’s a second one from FVRL (15 minutes):

I’d embed the videos if I could but that’s turned off.

They’re inspiring on many levels.  If you’re feeling a little disconnected from library life right now, watch them.




Posted on: December 5, 2012, 7:13 am Category: Uncategorized