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Debunking Bedbugs in Libraries

It has been quite the week and year for badly researched and over-the-top articles in the mainstream press giving voice to the wingnut brigade (I’m looking at you Trump!).  I know the MSM culture competes for readers and attention and the print media is certainly very challenged and desperate right now.  I suspect some of you might find this well researched article on bedbugs in libraries, after the New York Times latest effort, useful:

The Bedbug Bunk: How the New York Times Used Fear and Misinformation to Spread Public Library Hysteria

It’s a shame that such an unbalanced article appeared in a quality newspaper like the NYT with such unbalanced reporting.

Keep this link and article for those patrons who might comment.  We’ve long known that misplaced germophobia is one of the contributors to  some folks not using the shared community resource of public libraries but this is ridiculous.   Retail shopping mall bookstores aren’t public places?

Pass the hand sanitizer 😉



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