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A Simple Guide To 4 Complex Learning Theories

As librarians we are well advised to understand the theories behind exactly how ‘learning’ happens.   While data is important, knowledge is more important.  Knowledge can only exist in living people’s heads.  That said, ‘information’ is the physical (print or digital) version of recorded knowledge.  Information only becomes knowledge through one process that we call ‘learning’.   There are seven ways that we learn and reading, or text-based literacies, is just one of them.  As we move forward to create ever more social strategies for libraries and library staff we should keep ourselves aware of the dimensions of learning and how we can expand our reach, effectiveness and impact with people-centric one-on-one, group, digital, social, and interpersonal strategies, and librarties must live in a hybrid world where behaviour, not just content, drives strategic innovation.   Here’s a quickie infographic that might guide your exploration of learning theories.

A Simple Guide To 4 Complex Learning Theories

theories of learning



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