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Google Reader Retires July 1st: Options for When Google Sucks

I am bereft.  Google announced that they were discontinuing Google Reader on July 1st.  They disrespect their users (I suppose once again we’re not actual customers) and decided that 10’s of MILLIONS of Google Reader users just wasn’t enough to pay attention to.

Anyway, I ranted on Facebook that libraries don’t need to be prommoting Google products and should offer, and even default to, the many alternatives to Google’s hegemony and virtual monopoly.  I’ve stared to think about a post on that.

This post is about the early recommendations for alternatives to Google Reader.  BTW, there’s nothing stopping you from trying 2 or 3 and picking one later while your RSS feeds can overlap with Google Reader.

So, here’s some I found useful:

1. The always awesome Michael Sauers shows how easy it would be switch (or switch back to) Bloglines (which end and then returned Phoenix-like):

Moving from Google Reader (back) to Bloglines: How-to

2.  I use and prefer the Flipboard app on my iPad to read my feeds but it doesn’t work with my laptop too.  Anyway, on the official Flipboard blog, here’s their cool announcement:

We’ve Got Your RSS Covered! Save Your Google Reader Feeds Now

“Today, Google announced it’s going to retire Google Reader. If the service has been an essential part of your media diet, don’t despair. Your Google Reader subscriptions will be safe on Flipboard. . . . If you already have a Flipboard account and you have signed into your Google Reader, you don’t need to do anything. Your feeds will be saved.”

3.  Phil Bradley offer up a list of 20 alternatives to Google Reader:

20 Alternatives to Google Reader

4. Engadget offers:

Feedly promises ‘seamless’ transition after Google Reader to its own backend

5. Lifehacker has done an excellent list:

Google Reader Is Shutting Down; Here Are the Best Alternatives

6. Richard Byrne recommends Feedly:

Google Announces the Closure of Google Reader – Don’t Panic, Use Feedly

7. Gary Price recommends Newblur:

So Long and Goodbye: Google Will Discontinue Google Reader This Summer

8. And more at TechnoBuffalo:

RIP, Google Reader: How To Export Your Feeds, Plus 5 Alternative RSS Readers

9.  As you probably know I try not to engage in fanboy behaviours where I leave my credulity at home so I am not a fan(atic) of Google (or Apple or MS or anyone).  I’ve never trusted Google and Wikipedia had a humourous temporary spurious announcement that they had retired “Don’t be Evil” on the same day as they announced the end of Reader. (It’s gone now but Eric Schmidt has been clear that it’s not core to their mission.)   That said, let’s rattle their cage and sign this petition at

“I just signed the petition “Google Inc: Please do not shut down Google Reader” on  It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:



So there’s what I know today about Reader.

Watch this clever video:


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