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What Do Librarians Need to Know About MOOCs?

New Article: “What Do Librarians Need to Know About MOOCs?”

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“The following article appears in the March/April 2013 issue of D-Lib Magazine.


What Do Librarians Need to Know About MOOCs


Forrest Wright Thomson Reuters


D-Lib Magazine March/April 2013 Volume 19, Number 3/4


Over the past several months, the proliferation of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) has been hailed as a potent defense against the rising cost and insular culture of attending a traditional college. The courses, which are generally taught by experts with affiliations to elite universities, are characterized by their unique pedagogy and unlimited enrollment. To date, no course has been accepted for transfer credit at a major on-campus institution; however some administrators and higher-education experts predict their gradual integration into university curriculum. This article examines the MOOC phenomenon, identifying aspects that academic librarians should consider in the coming years, including how these courses interact with scholarly resources and library services. Methods for integrating library services in these courses are evaluated, with recommendations for the best course of action.

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