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Edifice Envy: The World’s Coolest Libraries

The World’s Coolest Libraries
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Vancouver Public LibraryCoolest Libraries Vancouver Public Front The World’s Coolest LibrariesSource: Jon O’Cane’s Travels

With more than two million items in its collection, Vancouver Public Library is the second largest public library in all of Canada. The library’s main branch, the Center Branch, covers an entire city block in downtown Vancouver, called the Library Square. The Center Branch is an incredible nine stories tall and is surrounded by free-standing walls that contain reading and studying rooms.

Coolest Libraries Vancouver Public Indoors The World’s Coolest Libraries

Source: Dahong Pilipino


Stuttgart City Library

Coolest Libraries Stuttgart City Outside The World’s Coolest Libraries

Source: Home Designing

Despite a classic white-on-white color scheme, Stuttgart City Library is one of the most visually appealing modern libraries to date. The stunning minimalist look is the product of the Korean architect Yi Eun-young. The German library opened in late 2011, and cost nearly 80 million euro to construct.

Coolest Libraries Stuttgart City Inside The World’s Coolest Libraries

Source: Imgur

The building’s entrance was inspired by the “Cenotaph for Newton” by Étienne Boullée, though the structure’s interior draws influences from ancient pantheons. This library is not without controversy. Many people have complained that it looks out of place in an otherwise flat, ordinary city.

Coolest Libraries Stuttgart City The World’s Coolest Libraries

Source: Wordless Tech

Biblioteca Sandro Penna

Coolest Libraries Biblioteca Sandro Penna The World’s Coolest Libraries

Source: Dream of Italy

Seeing shades of “Mars Attacks” in this library’s design? Well, you’re not too off-base. The Biblioteca Sandro Penna was designed with a flying saucer in mind. The result is a futuristic, glowing library that makes a bold statement in Perugia, Italy, a city teeming with ancient history and architecture.

Coolest Libraries Biblioteca Sandro Penna Inside The World’s Coolest Libraries

Source: Mimoa

The Picture Book Library

Coolest Libraries Picture Book Library The World’s Coolest Libraries

Source: Creative Arch Girl

Many adults can still recall their favorite childhood picture books as if their elementary school stint was just a day ago. In Iwaki City, Japan, this privately owned library contains more than a thousand picture books from countries all over the world.

Coolest Libraries Picture Book Shelves The World’s Coolest Libraries

Source: Ando Experimentando

In the Picture Book Library, books are fully displayed, creating much of the building’s decoration and color. Designed by architect Tadao Ando, the library opened in 2005 and was originally intended to serve three preschools in the area. ”

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