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New Media Consortium Releases 2013 K-12 Horizon Project “Short List”

Emerging Technology: New Media Consortium Releases 2013 K-12 Horizon Project “Short List”

Via at LJ InfoDocket

The Horizon.K12 Advisory Board voted for the top 12 emerging technologies as well as the top ten trends and challenges that they believe will have a significant impact on teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in global K-12 education over the next five years. These initial results have been compiled into an interim report, known as the “Short List,”

This Short List will inform the decisions of the advisory board as they embark on the final round of rankings, in which the list of technologies, trends, and challenges will be cut in half for the final report.

The “Time-to-Adoption Horizon” indicates how long the Advisory Board feels it will be until a significant number of schools are providing or using each of these technologies or approaches broadly.

Direct to NMC 2013 Horizon Project Short List (18 pages; PDF)




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