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Disruption: Kindle Owners’ Lending Library Hits 300,000 Titles

Here’s another disruption that’s under-considered in library land.  What if the e-book retailers  crowdsourced a lending library like Kindle’s?  Can libraries create a national or international lending library or are we forever bound by the boundaries of our institutions, cardholders, funding models, and servers?

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library Hits 300,000 Titles

“The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, a free service that enables Amazon Prime members to borrow up to one ebook each month, has now topped 300,000 titles. Amazon also reports that a significant number are exclusively available in the Kindle Store.

The exclusive ebooks are supplied by authors that have chosen to sign up for KDP Select. In exchange for granting Amazon an exclusive, the authors get a share of the a pool of funds that Amazon pays out each time a book is loaned to a reader. Amazon has a million dollars set aside to pay for April.

This program paid out $1 million in March 2013, with $1.94 going to an author each time an ebooks were borrowed. That puts the loans at just over 500,000 for the month, only a slight increase over the 437,000 loans made in February 2012.”


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