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Digg Plans to Launch Their Google Reader Replacement in June

Just in case you need another RSS reader to test before Google Reader passes into the ether.

Digg Plans to Launch Their Google Reader Replacement in June

Two weeks ago, we sent out a second survey to the over 18,000 people who signed up to help us work on our reader. In our first survey, we focused on core discovery and reading features. This time around we wanted to learn about the more ancillary features like read later and sharing. Here’s what we learned from over 8,600 responses:


Email Still Dominates Sharing


While about 55% of users share news via Facebook or Twitter, over 75% share news via email. It almost goes without saying that our reader will include seamless sharing to all these services.


How People Read Things Later


Though over 1/3 of respondents don’t use a “read it later” service, Pocket, Instapaper, Evernote and Readability are all popular options. Don’t worry! Our goal is to support all of them.


Social Features Aren’t A Top Priority


Nearly half of all respondents said that they never used Google Reader’s social features (before they were rolled back in 2011), while just 17% said that they used them often. Though we may not have a robust social functionality in place for launch, ultimately we believe that social features which foster connections between readers will be an important part of the Digg experience.


People Will Pay


Free products on the Internet don’t have a great track record. They tend to disappear, leaving users in a lurch. We need to build a product that people can rely on and trust will always be there for them. We’re not sure how pricing might work, but we do know that we’d like our users to be our customers, not our product. So when we asked survey participants whether or not they would be willing to pay, we were pleased to see that over 40% said yes.

Our beta release in June will be just the beginning, a product built with experimentation in mind by a team eager to work with you to build something you love.

As always, if you’re willing to lend a hand, including participating in surveys like this, please sign up at!”



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