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Looking for Public Library Benchmarks? Try EDGE

Edge Benchmarks Version 1.0

Lots of excellent stuff here for no charge…

From the website:

“After gathering extensive feedback from the library field and testing the beta benchmarks with libraries across the country, the Edge Coalition completed the Edge Benchmarks Version 1.0 in January 2013.

The Edge Benchmarks Version 1.0, which evaluates the library’s free digital services, is the driving force behind the Edge Initiative. While the Benchmarks are currently accessible here, the final product will be an easy-to-use online assessment where libraries can access scores and useful tools for improvement.

This stronger, more-effective and user-friendly set of benchmarks will help library staff understand best practices in  public access technology services for their communities and determine what steps they need to take to improve their public technology.

The Edge benchmarks are divided into three main categories that assess:

  1. Community Value (Benchmarks 1-3): Specific programs, services and supports that enable people to get value from their use of technology.
  2. Engaging the Community & Decision Makers (Benchmarks 4-6): External practices that connect the library to the community.
  3. Organizational Management (Benchmarks 7-11): Internal management and infrastructure.

Each category has benchmarks for specific practices. Success on each benchmark is determined by a set of indicators that provide information about the library’s progress. By working through the assessment it will be possible for a library to see, on different levels, where it is doing well and where it could improve.”

“I think that the benchmark criteria make sense and will definitely lead to the desired outcome. I think that in this day, these criteria are relevant and not that far out of reach for most libraries.”

Gretchen Pruett, Library Director, New Braunfels Public Library, New Braunfels, TX


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