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This month, Yahoo was more popular than Google

This month, Yahoo was more popular than Google

For the first time since April 2011, Yahoo attracted more unique visitors than its rival search engine

“In the perennial battle between the two biggest web giants, Yahoo and Google, the latter has been dominating the opposition for quite some time. Ever since Yahoo’s business problems began, many people (myself included) assumed that Yahoo was stuck in second place from that point forward. Turns out I was wrong, and the changes Marissa Mayer has enacted are doing some good for Yahoo. ComScore reports this morning that Yahoo has beaten Google in the latest monthly report.

Yahoo on Top

According to Todd Wasserman at Mashable, this month is “the first time Yahoo has bested Google in this measure since April 2011.” How much did Yahoo beat Google by over the past month? Not a great deal. Yahoo came in at roughly 196 million unique visitors while Google only managed 192 million unique visitors.

Another interesting point from this news is the fact that, as Liz Gannes reports on All Things D, “Yahoo’s numbers didn’t include the new Yahoo-owned Tumblr” which on its own was placed 28th on comScore’s list of monthly sites. Tumblr managed to grab around 38 million unique visitors itself.”

Yahoo! has always been a key player, it just isn’t as good at ad sales … yet.  Of course, ad sales and other revenue aren’t a key marker that makes a bit of difference to libraries.



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