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Steal These Ideas: National Badass Library Card Sign-Up Month

Steal these ideas for National Library Card Sing-Up Month!

Andy Woodworth applies his considerable imagination and creativity. Check it out!

National Badass Library Card Sign-Up Month, Reloaded

“Two years ago, I got sidetracked on a blog post and made up something I called “National Badass Library Card Signup Month”. I created a bunch of images instead of writing a blog post that I had in my head since the inspiration for the images came easy and the words for the post were proving to be difficult. Some of the images reflect the memes of the day (Chuck Testa) while some have aged much better (animated library card Nyan Cat). I wanted to do something last year, but I ran out of mental energy. But, as you can probably guess where this post is going, I’m getting back on the saddle.

30 memes, 30 days.

That’s what I’m calling it. I made an image for each day of the month all related in some way to National Library Card Sign-up Month. Each day at noon (US Eastern Standard Time) starting on September 1st, an image will be posted to my Tumblr. They cover a vast array of meme themes from the classics to the contemporary with all manner of pop culture thrown between. It’s been fun bringing my love of libraries together with my love of memes.

Don’t miss this!

Here’s some of the cool stuff from 2012:


“We Are Not Procrastinating, We Are Being Productive in a Different Direction!”


For the last two nights, I had the full and meaningful intention of going home and working on a blog entry that I have been struggling with. (Struggling in the good sense of the term, not the awful writer’s block way.) Perhaps because it was not coming to me very easily, I got (as they say) distracted. After viewing an advertisement for National Library Card Sign-up Month, I was struck by the sedate blurb about what the library can do for you. I guess with politicians hunting for additional spending cuts to make you really don’t want to emphasize reading for pleasure or storytimes or other things that apparently don’t generate revenue or move our economy, but come on! This has the inspiring delivery of a pull string Al Gore Doll.

I began to wonder if there was a way to spice up this campaign. The graphic above was the first, the phrase having been carefully tested on a focus group of one. Over the course of the last two nights, I made a bunch of them and posted them in various places. I’ve collected them for a blog entry to get them all in one place. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them (except the Nyan cat animation one; that was a pain in the ass). In not working on my blog entry, I don’t think this little exercise in word art was counterproductive, just creative productive. Parallel productive?

Something like that.

If you have suggestions or make your own, share them!

The face in the “A” of “Apocalypse” makes me giggle every time I see it.

See? If people knew how unhinged library cards were, they be lining up for them!

The most dangerous kind of criminals.

This was done by request. (NSFW version here.) And if you need an explanation for the meme, Know Your Meme has a good one.

I animated this one. You’ll have to click on it to see it because embedding it here will probably ruin it. It’s based off a fairly new internet meme so here’s the background on this one.

This was by request. And here’s the animated Nyan Library Card Cat.

A little bit hypnotic if you stare at it.

All the pictures link to my Flickr account. Feel free to take and share as you see fit!”

Andy’s Tumblr to start watching Sept. 1st:



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