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10 elements to a library research support strategy

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10 elements to a library research support strategy

“There are great opportunities to be had for libraries in the area of research support. A well-considered strategy will help you make that a success.

Based on discussions with academic libraries over 10 years, and research into library research support services across the world, I have brought together my 10 points for how libraries can approach this far-reaching area.

  1. Demonstrate the clear value you will bring to the research community.
  2. Show how the library is transforming into a new partner for research support through collaboration.
  3. Sharpen up your understanding of your stakeholder and users’ needs and translate them into concrete demand-driven calls to action.
  4. Reveal and publicise your priorities to your stakeholders, and commit to your research community.
  5. Develop a roadmap for service development to focus your financial and staff resources.
  6. Systematically utilise lessons learnt from your previous challenges and errors building them into future solutions.
  7. Get your goals in focus to be seen as an expert in clearly defined areas of need.
  8. Address the areas for up-skilling library staff to address new service delivery challenges.
  9. Include the conditions to provide a sustainable and strong research support service offer.
  10. Develop a strategy for remaining relevant in years to come.”



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