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14 Dos and Don’ts to Being a Good Facebook Friend

14 Dos and Don’ts to Being a Good Facebook Friend

  1. “DO like and comment on all your best friend’s profile pictures.
  2. DON’T fight on Facebook.
  3. DO RSVP promptly to event invites.
  4. DON’T post vulgar status updates from your friends’ accounts.
  5. DO wish happy birthday to friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances (even if you’ve already said it IRL)
  6. DON’T like or comment your friend’s picture from 2009.
  7. DO let them know when they’ve been hacked
  8. DON’T be nosy when someone’s relationship status changes from “In a Relationship” to “Single.”
  9. DO post photos in a timely manner.
  10. DON’T Poke people you don’t know very well.
  11. DON’T friend-request people you don’t know very well.
  12. DO make sure everyone looks good in your new profile or cover picture — not just you.
  13. DON’T post embarrassing things on your friends’ Walls, especially if that activity could get them in trouble while looking for a job or applying to college.
  14. DO respond to Facebook messages promptly, especially when they’re important.”





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