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Google Is Now Bigger Than Both The Magazine And Newspaper Industries

Google Is Now Bigger Than Both The Magazine And Newspaper Industries

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“Google has become so big that sometimes it’s difficult to understand just how  big it is. It’s on course to do $60 billion in revenue this year, almost all of  that from advertising. But how big is that in terms of the media it competes  against for ad dollars?

“Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget presented this slide in  his keynote at Ignition 2013 this morning that shows that Google  alone is now bigger than either newspapers and magazines.

In part this is because the print media has suffered such a precipitous  decline. But note that Google’s last full year results from 2012 are approaching  the historic maximum that all magazines combined achieved back in 2007 before  the crash.

It’s won’t be long now, in other words, before Google not only eclipses  magazines but also becomes bigger than magazines ever were — even when there was  no Internet to compete with.”

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  1. Well, no, the slide does *not* say Google is bigger than newspapers & magazines. It says that it gets more ad revenue. Last time I checked, most magazines charged money to subscribers, as did most daily newspapers.