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Americans’ media consumption to soar in 2015

Americans’ media consumption to soar in 2015

Predicts by 2015, average media consumption will be 15.5 hours a day per person

“A total of 6.9 zettabytes of media flows to individuals and households in a year — that’s 6.9 million million gigabytes, or 1021 bytes.

A Look into the Evolution of Storage Devices [1956-2013]

That’s according to “How Much Media? 2013 Report on American Consumers,” produced by the Institute for Communications Technology Management (CTM) at the USC Marshall School of Business and CTM Visiting Researcher James E. Short.

The report looks at media consumption by individuals in and out of the home, excluding the workplace, between 2008 and 2015, breaking “media” down into 30 categories of media type and delivery (e.g. television, social media, computer gaming).

Information reported in the study was canvassed from several hundred data sources, including media measurement firms such as Neilsen, Arbitron, ComScore, investor and analyst firms, government sources and foundation and research publications.”


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