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Highlights From Just Released ARL Annual Salary Survey 2012–2013

Highlights From Just Released ARL Annual Salary Survey 2012–2013


“The new report from the Association of Research Libraries is available for a fee. Details and order info here.

“From a Summary:

  • Data are reported for 10,072 professional staff in the 115 university ARL libraries and for 3,823 professional staff in the 10 non-university ARL libraries.
  • The publication provides more specialist breakdowns than in previous years, includes many new tables, and utilizes the revised job categories and subcategories in order to analyze the 2012–2013 data.
  • The 2012–2013 data show that Canadian ARL librarians’ salaries kept pace with inflation, but US ARL librarians’ salaries did not. The median salary for US ARL university libraries in 2012 was $67,257, an increase of 1.2% over the 2011–2012 median salary of $66,467. The US CPI rose 1.4% during the same period. The experience of academic librarians in Canada was more favorable: while the Canadian CPI rose 1.3%, median salaries in Canadian university libraries increased from $85,551 (Canadian dollars) to $87,120 (Canadian dollars) a rise of 1.8%.
  • Minority librarians make up 14.5% of the professional staff in US ARL university libraries; the percentage of minorities in managerial or administrative positions is lower. Women comprise 69.3% of minority staff members. Gender-based salary differentials persist in ARL libraries in 2012–2013. The overall salary for women in the 115 ARL university libraries is 95.9% of that paid to men.

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