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Getting Through Flights with Ease

OK, I travel a lot. I like this Lifehacker list and do all of these things. I know these are #firstworldproblems but . . .

Flights get delayed and cancelled and sometimes you need to find a hotel room on a moments notice at midnight!  Many airport food concession close overnight and you can feel like you’re starving . . . if not really

Create an Air Travel “Emergency” Kit to Survive Common Airplane Woes

Your Flight Gets Delayed for Hours

  • A book
  • A tablet 
  • A portable gaming system
  • Magazines
  • Anything else you might enjoy for a few hours
  • An empty water bottle.
  • Small, healthy snacks 
  • A USB backup battery
  • A laptop backup battery 
  • Neck pillows
  • Back pillows
  • A few pills


I would add:

Make sure you have your phone charger and other cords in your carry-on – they often won’t give you back your luggage overnight.

If you need medication, don’t check it.

Make sure you have the numbers of your favourite hotels and your point status numbers in your smartphone – they prioritize regulars during weather mess-ups.


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