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15 Best Educational Online Resources

15 Best Educational Online Resources

Online resources are seen as a revolutionary approach towards education due to their convenience and accessibility. However, finding the right set of tools will be crucial for your success as an online learner. You shouldn’t forget that the open access to Internet has enabled an immense amount of misinformation to be presented as facts. With the great number of educational online resources, it can be difficult to choose the ones that correspond to your learning style. With the list we provide, you don’t have to waste time on research, trial and error, because we’ve selected some of the best tools developed with an educative purpose.

To be a great educator means that you have to know how to motivate your students. You can be a motivator only if you are motivated yourself (and that wasn’t just a word play). The list provided on this website features some of the best motivational books that will help you become the teacher every student loves.

If you don’t know how to approach online learning just yet, you will benefit a lot from the tips offered on this website. The eLearning Coach provides resources, product reviews, strategies, and practical content that will help you understand the concept of online learning and start implementing it in practice.

You can advance your career as a teacher or tutor through project-based online classes offered by Udacity. This website is also great for students, as it motivates them to learn new skills by cheering them on every step of the way.

This website offers a free and growing base of multimedia interactive e-learning resources for teaching, including videos, animations, quizzes, educational games, and other types of resources in various subjects.

The goal of this project is to provide resources and information to anyone interested in high education. The aim of iBerry is to enable access open education, which is realized through open courseware, news aggregator, higher education resources, and learner support.

This project is aimed at university professors, providing them with an informative blog and discussion forum where issues of higher education are being elaborated.

The free Learning OnLine modules offered by Acas are an irreplaceable e-learning resource for people who want to refresh their knowledge through learning theory, exploring practical case studies, and testing their understanding through tests and interactive questions.

This online community of educators is one of the best resources for K-12 teachers. They can connect with mentors, educators and co-workers with similar interests and collaborate with each other. The users can also access free educative videos, lessons plans, documents, and other types of resources organized by subject, grade, and type.

This free learning source enables its users to access over 750 free lessons and start learning immediately. It is useful for both students and teachers who want to expand their knowledge in particular subjects.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a teacher, tutor, or student – being organized is the key to everyone’s success. Trello is one of the best choices of organizational tools that help educators to get organized, collaborate with each other and their students, assign tasks, and gather constructive opinions.

Many old-school educators have troubles using new technology to create courses, but ReadyGo makes this technology accessible and easy to use for anyone. It doesn’t require coding or technical knowledge and is one of the best rapid e-learning tools on the web.

This comprehensive website offers a great collection of resources that guide the user to online learning and teaching materials. is used by an international community of users that not only learn from its resources, but make their own contributions as well.

This project provides open and free access to a great base of introductory courses taught by some of the most respected scholars and teachers at Yale University. The lectures featured at the website are available in text transcript, audio, and video format.

Open Education is offered by New York University as well, so everyone interested in learning is welcomed to use the free resources available at this website. The pilot program is launched with some of the most significant courses, including Natural Science II, Calculus I, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Genomes & Diversity, Introduction to Sociology, and many more.

Zotero can become your personal research assistant that will collect your research material in a single interface. You can add web page snapshots, video and audio files, images, PDF materials, and any other type of documents you need.


Accessing material that will advance your knowledge and skills is easier than ever due to the great choice of online tools. By embracing new technology, your learning skills will be greatly improved.

The sites we listed above will provide you with the resources you need, so all you have to do is make a daily schedule, find a good study area at your home and start exploring them one by one.”



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