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The Evolution of the Book Industry

The Evolution of the Book Industry:
Research commissioned by Ricoh, Q2, 2013

Implications for U.S. Book Manufacturers and Printer$File/ITStrategies_FINAL.pdf

“A white paper commissioned by Ricoh based on a survey of 800 respondents. Research from IT Strategies, a consulting firm and performed in conjunction with the University of Colorado.”

“There is not a single book industry. There are many

subsectors within the book industry; the major
categories include: Trade books, educational books,
scientifi c/professional books, children’s books,
art/coffee table books and religious books. For the
purposes of this research, we focused on the two
largest sectors, trade books and educational books.
The majority of the output is black text, with limited
four-color usage in educational books.
Both trade books and educational book industries are
undergoing tremendous changes. Like many industries
undergoing change, the changes tend to be driven by
new technologies enabling a shift in who controls the
value of that industry. The Internet laid the tracks from
which new technologies could be deployed, enabling
shifts in control over sales/distribution, publishing and
where content could be displayed. Combined, these
new technologies caused a decline in printed book
purchases that since the 2008/2009 recession has run
between 4 to 5 percent annually.”


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