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SLJ Survey: Ebook Usage in School Libraries Expected to Rise Incrementally

SLJ Survey: Ebook Usage in School Libraries Expected to Rise Incrementally


“Despite tight budgets that have compounded the numerous challenges to implementation, media specialists are “generally enthusiastic about the continued adoption of ebooks” by their students, and usage in school libraries—especially at the high school level—is expected to continue rising incrementally, according to the 2013 Survey of Ebook Usage in U.S. School (K–12) Libraries. The annual survey, the fourth of its kind, was produced by School Library Journal and sponsored by Follett.

Ebooks have yet to become as popular in school libraries as in public libraries, the survey finds, with districts still working to narrow the digital divide among students. However, that is poised to change; new initiatives, such as “1:1 schools” have emerged to ease ebook and device adoption in schools.”

““There is a duality to reading that today’s children are used to,” the study finds. “…it’s not unusual to hear that many children, tweens, and teens still prefer reading physical print books, even as they do countless other things on electronic devices. The fact that they are comfortable with both formats is useful to bear in mind when interpreting the quantitative results of this survey.” . . . “So as the kids born in 2007, the same year the iPhone was introduced, start elementary school this fall, they will likely grow up “ambitextrous,” comfortable and open to reading both formats.”

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