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New Report from CLIR: “Participatory Design in Academic Libraries: New Reports and Findings”

New Report from CLIR: “Participatory Design in Academic Libraries: New Reports and Findings”

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“New from the Council on Library and Information Resources: Participatory Design in Academic Libraries: New Reports and Findings (114 pages; PDF)

From the Summary:

This report looks at how staff at eight academic institutions gained new insight about how students and faculty use their libraries, and how the staff are using these findings to improve library technologies, space, and services.

Participatory design is a relatively recent approach to understanding library user behavior. It is based on techniques used in anthropological and ethnographic observation. The report’s editor, anthropologist Nancy Fried Foster, led several participatory design workshops for CLIR from 2007 to 2013.

The report is based on a series of presentations at the second CLIR Seminar on Participatory Design of Academic Libraries, held at the University of Rochester’s River Campus June 5-7, 2013.

Chapters focus on projects at the University of Colorado, Boulder; Colby College; University of Connecticut; Columbia University; Rush University Medical Center; Purdue University; Northwestern University; and the University of Rochester.

David Lindahl, of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, provided the keynote.

Direct to Full Text Report: Participatory Design in Academic Libraries: New Reports and Findings(pages; PDF

Note: This is the second of two volumes from CLIR that focus on participatory design. The first volume,Participatory Design in Academic Libraries: Methods, Findings, and Implementations (92 pages; PDF; October 2012) is available here.


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