Practices at every college, department, and classroom likely vary from those trending at a national level. Whether you are required by your university to use a certain type of digital content in your classroom or you get to choose for yourself, there are often many unique ways to customize this content to make it work perfectly for your course. Whichever your circumstance, staying “in the know” about what’s trending with peers can help keep classrooms from falling behind in both engagement and outcomes. Cengage Learning’s recent “Digital in the Classroom” surveyed over 1,000 college students and faculty of all different institution types. After first asking students what they found to be the most effective digital content types, we then asked instructors to share with us theirmost-used digital content types.

Instructors' most used digital content typesCollege students reported that the most effective uses of technology for them are for their daily homework assignments (at 73% of students), for online research (at 44%), and for testing and examinations (at 37%). However, instructors’ revealed their most used digital content type is Microsoft® PowerPoint® at 82%, which students did not state was an effective use of technology.

How do these results compare to how you structure your classroom lesson plans? Let us know in the comments below.

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