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Can You Answer These Questions That Facebook Thinks Any Good AI Should?

Artificial Intelligence is held up as a potential replacement for librarians.  In the past the measurement was the Turing Test (Yes, that Turing – the one portrayed in the Oscar nominated film this year).  The Turing Test is that the AI has to convince a panel of judges that it is a person (famously a 13-year-old boy named Eugene who speaks English as as second language).  An AI or two has passed that test.

Other AI systems are quite specific – like Watson (here and here) which does well in certain domains (Jeopardy, lung cancer treatment) and might not be able to pass the 13 year old Turing Test (but not many people could work passably in librarianship at 13).

Here’s the list of questions that Facebook proposes to test AI.  I think it’s interesting as we see innovations in interfaces that focus on questions versus retrieval of lists and potential answer candidates.  The Holy Grail, is, of course, a service that provides (actual) answers and not just candidates for answers.

Can You Answer These Questions That Facebook Thinks Any Good AI Should?

“Developed by a team in Facebook’s AI lab in New York, the questions test whether a system is “able to answer questions via chaining facts, simple induction, deduction and […] more,”according to a research paper published on arXiv. The researchers believe that “many existing learning systems can currently not solve them.”

All told, the team has put together a series of 20 questions that test different types of reasoning and the ability to process language. Some are simple questions that require the recall of facts, while others require the answerer to count objects through the use of language, manipulate timelines or reason about the qualities of objects.”



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