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10 New Rules of Customer Advocacy

10 New Rules of Customer Advocacy

“One of the most important assets of any marketing program is a roster of satisfied customers willing to share their positive experience with your brand’s products or services with the press, prospective customers, and analysts.

Even brands [like libraries] that have a ready supply of customer advocates sometimes fail to make the most of them. Sales people are connecting with prospects, and prospects are connecting witheach other in more ways than ever, so marketing teams must provide advocacy and reference content to best showcase the customer and their successes.

Ready to shake up your customer advocacy programs? Here are 10 new rules that every marketer should follow:

  1. Move advocacy to the sharp end of the marketing spear
  2. Look for strong stories in unexpected places
  3. Give your customers a good reason to be an advocate
  4. Use data
  5. Be creative in your storytelling
  6. Capture pertinent details once, amplify in many ways
  7. It’s a two way conversation
  8. Make your advocates the star of your program
  9. Focus on the quality of your stories, and not the quantity
  10. Repurpose what you have”
 An advocacy program focused on listening to your customers, creativity in storytelling and building reference strategies that help customer businesses to grow will deliver quantifiable marketing benefits to your sales teams and to your customers.”

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