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Infographics Are Evolving into Many Formats

Infographics Are Evolving into Many Formats

“The internet is full of noise, and your job is to break through that wall of information with something that resonates with your target audience. When you are communicating any message, you want to ensure that your audience will understand and remember the valuable takeaways about your products or services. You want your communication to be clear and concise. This is where infographics come in.”

1. Static Infographics – Kitchen Conversion Guide

2. Interactive Infographics – Daily Dose of Water

3. Video Infographics – The Fallen of WWII

4. Zooming Infographics – The History of Film

5. Animated Infographics – Flight Videos Deconstructed

“With so many new and different formats of infographics available to today’s marketers, providing your audience with a story that conveys your message has never been more exciting. Sharing the key takeaways from your product or services can be done in an expertly designed way that appeals to your audience and leaves them wanting more.”


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