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7 Steps To A Truly Effective Leadership Style

7 Steps To A Truly Effective Leadership Style

By Rebecca Hourston

“If you’ve ever been led by a Mushroom (everyone’s in the dark), a Seagull (swoops in, squawks and dumps), or a Kipper (two-faced and gutless), you’ll be all too aware of the leadership style you don’t want to be known for.”

Style and Substance

The substance of what you do—the result you deliver—is pretty fundamental in today’s economy. But working on the way that you do it is what will launch you into a different sphere of success altogether—even if you already count yourself as pretty successful.

The leadership style you choose to use (and yes, to a great extent, it is an active choice you can make) has a direct impact on the result you achieve. It is what makes you memorable to others and fulfilled within yourself.

Redefining What’s “Best”

So what can you do to develop your own leadership style into one that will be highly prized? Here are seven steps to selecting the best leadership style, with tips for putting those steps into action.

1. Be Bold

2. Be Strengths-Savvy

3. Stretch Your Leadership Style

4. Be “Going Somewhere”

5. Be Follower-Focused

6. Be Balanced

7. Be True to You

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