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How Google Beacons Could Transform Local Business

How Google Beacons Could Transform Local Business

“Imagine walking into your house and having your phone remind you to turn on its WiFi. Of course, you don’t have to imagine, because that technology is already here for bothAndroid and IOS.

That functionality relies on the Global Positioning System (GPS) standard; so, while your phone can pinpoint where you are within 11 feet if permitted, our smartphones don’t know what floor we’re on, or how close we are to the window or refrigerator.

What if your phone had a way to do this, so that it could, say, remind you to send your grocery list only when you actually walked into the kitchen, or only tell you to pay your bills online when you sit down at the computer in the family study on the first Tuesday of the month?

That technology, too, is already in existence. Apple debuted iBeacon technology at a developer’s conference in 2013 with a major caveat: it only worked with the company’s devices. While iPhone and iPad users with the feature enabled can currently use it in Apple stores and at many Major Baseball League stadiums, adoption has been slower with retailers — perhaps because it leaves out a sizable portion of shoppers.

Google recently released an open source version of the software that enables Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon hardware technology to communicate with smart devices running either Android or iOS, called Eddystone. Google says the name comes from a famous UK lighthouse.”




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