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Anti-Plagiarism Instruction in College Courses

Anti-Plagiarism Instruction in College Courses

“Coverage of Anti-Plagiarism Instruction in College Courses: Students and Instructors Respond

We asked college students: “Do your instructors teach you about plagiarism?” The great majority of those surveyed, 92%, said that yes, they do learn about plagiarism in their classes.

College Students - do your instructors teach you about plagiarism? Cengage Learning

Likewise, most instructors address plagiarism in their courses; 76% of those we surveyed said that they talk to students about it.

Instructors - do you teach students about plagiarism in your courses? Cengage Learning

Teaching Tips: Avoiding Plagiarism and Improving Academic Writing Skills

If you don’t currently cover plagiarism, but you would like to address it in some fashion, consider taking the following steps:

  • Post a link to your institution’s academic integrity policy to your syllabus, class website, or LMS.
  • Direct students to your campus library’s website; the site will often include helpful tutorials that help students understand (and avoid) plagiarism.
  • Ensure that students know which style guide they should be using when completing projects for your course.
  • Call attention to these resources at the start of your course; remind students about them when it’s time for them to begin their projects.
  • Tell students that you’ll be using an originality checker (such as Turnitin) to vet their work (and then, do so).”


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