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Social Media vs Internet Data

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Social Media in Real Time


Social Media vs Internet Data 

“The internet is one of the greatest technological advances of our time. With the internet came opportunities for people to communicate in new ways that were previously impossible. In the past, access to the internet was limited to a computer. Today, smartphones and tablet have made it possible to access the internet from anywhere in the world. This has also enabled internet users to have constant access to social media forums connecting them to anyone at any time of day. While the internet and social media directly influence one another, how strong is the actual impact?

Internet Users vs. Social Media Users

It is estimated that nearly 3 billion people across the globe are able to receive and use the internet and of those 3 billion, over 2 billion of these people participate in social media. According to there are over 634 million websites worldwide. Amazingly, social media has managed to dominate the industry and host over 60 percent of these internet users. decided to create an infographic that shows the continued growth of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in real time. It estimates Facebook will grow by roughly 189 million new users, while Twitter will gain 16 million new users annually. This exponential growth shows how social media is feeding into the internet creating a special symbiotic relationship.

Mobile Devices vs. Private Computers 

According to there are roughly 5.2 billion mobile phones in use, the bulk of which are smartphones, saturating the market. Not only do smartphones give access to the internet, they make interaction on social media possible. The infographic estimates huge increases in new mobile users for social media sites: 63 million for Facebook, 13 million for Twitter, 27 million for Google Plus. These numbers are not only impressive, but informative, showing how important mobile usage is to users.

Additionally, the use of desktop computers is at a steady decline with the implementation of tablets and smartphones. estimates that in 2012 traditional PC usage for website traffic was 88.62%, with Smartphone usage coming in at 5.42% and Tablet usage coming in at 5.95%. In one year these percentages changed rather drastically with PC usage coming in at 78.99%, and Smartphone and Tablet usage doubling at 10.44% and 10.58% respectively. has stated that mobile phones usage was set to dominate PC usage as “most common web access worldwide” by the end of 2013.

Understanding the influx of mobile devices is essential to knowing how social media will be accessed in the future. The added availability of mobile internet allows more users to access their accounts from anywhere in the world. This is making it possible for social media to see continued growth.

While the internet is vast in its services and what it offers, social media makes up a large part of all internet usage. The two work hand in hand to provide users with the information they need at all times. Social media could not exist without the internet, while arguably, the internet as it is today could not exist without social media. This interdependence is the direct result of technological advances and the internet’s facilitation of social media platforms. ” (Via Zuzana Padychova)

Social Media in Real Time


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