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100 Search engines logos image for you to use

100 Search engines logos image for you to use

Via Phil Bradley:

Here “is a collection of search engine logos. The idea is to show a variety of different ones, to give people a visual insight into the fact that there’s more to life than Google. However, it’s a bit out of date now, so I’m going to show you the old one (below) and then under that, all of the engines that have died a death are greyed out. Under that – the new version, with 100 search engine logos. Oldengines

Remember some of these? If you don’t, there’s a fair chance that they are the ones that have into the great bit bucket in the sky:


But that’s all in the past, because now you have access to the brand new, 100 search engine logos image. The images are obviously not mine, but I’ve put them together, and made it available under Creative Commons, so you are welcome to take it and use it. Newsearchlogos

If you want to download a copy, it’s available at:



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