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Report: 90% of Millennial Parents Find Social Media Helpful

Report: 90% of Millennial Parents Find Social Media Helpful


“Millennials are of particular curiosity, from how they interact with technology, to their impact on workplace culture, and society at large. This generation is often accused of being shallow, self-centered and apathetic — oft used terms from older generations to their successors — but as Millennials get older, it’s becoming clear family is something they hold dear.

And while family values are important to millennials, there’s little information on what being a parent means to this maturing generation. Crowdtap conducted a study of 1,000 millennial parents with at least one child 10 or younger to get a clearer sense of how they see themselves in the both the physical and digital world.

Much like older generations, millennials just want to be good parents, and define “good parenting” as “being their for your family” and “putting your child’s needs and wants above your own.” However, millennial dads are more concerned with the “being there” part, seeing their role in the family as different and more involved than their fathers’. Millennial moms, on the other hand, want to raise tech savvy digital natives. In fact, moms were 35 percent more likely to refer to “technology” and “social media” than dads were.


Millennials turn to their own mothers for parenting advice most often; however, they are 2X more likely to rely on the internet than to ask advice from other people, according to the report. What’s more, as their parental responsibilities increase: 37 percent of moms and nearly 50 percent of dads use social once a day for the purpose of parenting.

Despite its reputation as a network for moms, dads cited Pinterest as the site they visit most often since becoming a parent. Moms pointed to YouTube as the site they visit more. More than 90 percent of both moms and dads found social media somewhat to extremely helpful to their parenting.


Unfortunately millennials also find social media distracting and sometimes overwhelming. 20 percent of both millennial moms and dads indicated that social distracted them from time with family and friends. Moms, however, were more likely to experience increased social pressure and information overload than dads.


Check out the full report for more information on the role of technology and the digital shopping habits of millennial parents.”


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