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IFLA Bibliography of studies on the impact and outcomes of libraries

Library Statistics Manifesto

The initiative for this document was taken by then President Claudia Lux at the Section’s conference in Montréal (august 2008). The idea is to have a certified document about the importance of library statistics, as they demonstrate the value that libraries provide to their users and to society. Statistical data are indispensable for the internal management of libraries, but they can do more. When presented to policy makers, funding institutions or the general public, they will influence the strategic planning, and they can create and maintain confidence in libraries.

Bibliography “Impact and Outcome of Libraries”

Compiled by Roswitha Poll, Münster (Updated February 2016)

Global Library Statistics

By: Simon Ellis, Michael Heaney, Pierre Meunier & Roswitha Poll

In: Ifla Journal  Volume 35 (2009) No. 2, pp. 123 – 130.

Library Statistics for the Twenty-First Century World

Proceedings of the conference held in Montréal on 18-19 August 2008 reporting on the Global Library Statistics Project
Ed. by Heaney, Michael

IFLA Publications; Nr 138
Munich: De Gruyter Saur, 2009
ISBN 978-3-598-22043-2

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